1920s Scout Project - SOLD

Frame is 25/26, and is good, cases are 24 and look ok.
It has a fork but it's poor, chopped up, has one rocker, one link and the spring, they are usable.
Front fender is later (101) and very rough.
Rear fender is correct, needs work but is usable.
Tanks has no holes, is repairable, and has some fittings.
New repo chain guard and battery/tool box combo.
Saddle is repairable with some of the brackets/springs.
Front wheel is correct, no rear wheel.
Handlebar centre casting is good.
Early luggage rack.
Cylinders are early blind type, 20-24, and has a rough extra rear.
One flywheel and one rod.
Trans complete including gears, no tower, early plain primary.

AUD$5,000 ONO