1948 Chief - SOLD

New 4 speed Lo ratio Overdrive gearbox
New Mikuni 40mm pumper Carbuerretor
New Twin leading shoe front brake conversion
New 12v conversion with CE generator
New Breed Racing Coil
New Hi Performance Breed HT leads
New Shinko E270 tyres
New cast Iron replica rack
New 4.25 gal Iron Horse Corral tank set
New Osprey Traveller saddlebags in Black
New Australian 2 tone Black Cream paintwork
Bike completely restored in Australia from ground up all new bearings girder links battery. Pretty much every part has been restored or replaced.

New fresh build 84 cubic inch Breed flathead low compression high performance engine. Not quite run in all parts replaced restored inc
New Kevlar Clutch
New Valves
New Breed Camshafts
New Breed Billet electronic ignition
New Breed Forged Conrods
New Breed Flywheels
New Breed Lo compression pistons & rings
Over $25k spent on engine alone
This bike has had an Australian ground up restoration, nothing has been left to chance.

It has the best of everything, it starts well, it stops well, it goes well, accelaration is excellent as is the fuel consumption.

It will certainly give most modern bikes a good run for its money. There is currently a 2 years plus wait for a Breed Flathead motor.