1927 Police Special Scout

It has the rare 1927 Police Special frame. It’s had a repair at the headstem. Front end is correct. Tank needs a repair but can be repaired, or I’ll supply a new one, price adjustment. Hard to find rear fender is correct. Rough but original tail light bracket. Front fender is correct but modified, needs repair. Cases are BG meaning 600, will need machining to take the 750 cylinders. The cylinders are correct for 27 and early 28 45”. No Finn damage. Bores small, plenty of meat left. Only the front head. No crank assembly, as every early 750 that I have seen is un usable in the flywheels and the rods. Plus, I suggest that the WLA crank assembly is used with the 750 cylinders giving approx 830 ccs. The cam case is complete. The primary drive/clutch set up is complete save the outer primary cover. Trans is complete. Repo tool box battery box combo. NS mag. The bike is a collection of parts, and requires a full restoration. Please ask any questions. I can supply a lot of repo parts, ie chain guard lights etc at a price....

Basket is in the shop. Contact ParkerIndian

A$16k as seen or plus A$1K for a new tank instead of the old.